Teach Your Eyes

the ABCs! Book


ABC Duane: A Duane Michals primer (Monacelli, 2012); William Klein: ABC (Abrams, 2013); The ABCS of Beautiful Light by Rosanne Olson (Amherst Media, 2014); ABC Photography by Jan Van Hollenbeck (Tasvarian, 2018), and The Unseen Eye by WM Hunt (Aperture, 2011). Various sizes
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A host of inspirations to get the discerning viewer thinking about how we see, and what influences our experience of seeing. From technical tips about lighting to understanding one collector’s approach to living with photographs, to the wild and wonderful inspirations of William Klein and Duane Michals, this book package will inform and delight those new to and those deeply immersed in the photographic artform.

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