To Honor the

Femmes Book


Mother by Elinor Carucci (Damiani, 2015) signed; Outcasts & Innocents by Alice Wheeler (Minor Matters, 2015) signed; Human Nature by Anna Mia Davidson (Minor Matters, 2015); Pajaros by Graciela Iturbide (Twin Palms, 2014), signed; Anatomy Is Destiny by Marina Font (Minor Matters, 2018), signed; Prom and Twins (signed) by Mary Ellen Mark (Getty and Aperture), Inner Constellations by Maimouna Guerresi (Glitterati, 2015). Various sizes. Retail value: $400

Over the years PCNW has hosted and promoted incredible photographers with the intention of educating and inspiring others. This book package is named in honor of a special group of photographers who all met at PCNW, and have continued to collaborate with one another through exhibitions, critiques, and providing one another creative support. Here’s to the Foto-Femmes, to the inspirations who came before, and the generations who will follow.

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