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Julia Margaret Cameron

Mrs. Herbert Duckworth, 1867/1985
Photogravure from original albumen print 14 x 10.5 inches
Edition of 300 produced as part of “The Golden Age of British Photography” portfolio [Aperture Foundation, with the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art]
Retail framed: $500
Courtesy Caryl Baron

Julia Margaret Cameron's (1815-1879) photographs of her contemporaries, whether the Olympian poets, painters, and intellectuals of the circle of the nieces of her family or maidservants of the household, are arguably the most complete portrayal in any of the visual arts of High Victorian England. She was a passionate, devout, and intellectual figure in a brilliant epoch. She had the gift of making the spirit of the 1860s and 1870s her subject, and she developed her own use of the camera to interpret the values of that epoch in an unprecedented manner.

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