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William Eggleston: Los Alamos Revisited (Steidl, 2012); Snowbound by Lisa Robinson (Keher Verlag, 2007); Sawdust Mountain by Eirik Johnson (Aperture, 2009); and Carleton Watkins: The Art of Perception (SFMoMA).
Various sizes. Retail value: $400

Fall in love with the landscape through the vision of master and midcareer photographers from throughout the history of photography. From Carleton Watkins’ mammoth plates to William Eggleston’s vivid dye-transfer reproductions, Eirik Johnson’s explorations of Washington state to Lisa Robinson’s refractions of light on snow, this book package will make you see the world anew. Johnson’s book is signed; Eggleston’s collection sold out quickly and fetches top dollar with the book collecting audience.

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