Selena Kearney

Other 1, 2019
Archival pigment
26 x 17 inches
Retail framed: $700
© and courtesy Selena Kearney

Selena Kearney is a photographer living in Seattle. She has been practicing photography for nine years. Selena is a member of the Chehalis Tribe and her indigenous background is a inspiration and theme in her work.

This image is part of my Thesis project titled “Trophies and Relics” that I completed with Photographic Center Northwest. I wanted to create imagery that lives in the space between promise and threat. I wanted to see a vast open space and imagine the experience of hopeful European settlers claiming a new land. An open landscape points to a painful fragmented consequence for Indigenous people. This tense space develops over time and embeds the ghost of a people in the American consciousness, beautiful and hauntingly replayed. Native people, changed and resilient, hold the American culture together with this consequence while the victor is free from history.

Selena is an alumna of Photographic Center Northwest, class of 2019.

Selena Kearney, Chehalis
Daughter to Janice Latch, and Granddaughter to Ida Rosander.

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